Intelligence agencies can not dissuade Trump to communicate with friends on the iPhone. His calls are tapped by China and Russia

Intelligence agencies can not dissuade Trump to communicate with friends on the iPhone. His calls are tapped by China and Russia: The New York Times

Intelligence agencies of China and Russia listened to personal calls by US President Donald Trump on an iPhone, reports The New York Times, citing several former and current employees of the US government. About tapping, they learned from sources in the governments of other countries and through the interception of messages of foreign officials.

China uses the information obtained to influence Trump in a trade war, sources say. According to them, the Chinese are studying how Trump thinks, what arguments are able to convince him, and to whom he listens. To this end, they have compiled a list of Trump’s friends, with whom he often communicates on the iPhone. It includes, in particular, the head of the investment company Blackstone Group Stephen Schwartzman and gambling magnate Steve Wynn. Both have connections with China: Schwartzman founded a scholarship program at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Wynn built an entertainment complex in Macau. The New York Times interlocutors note that neither Schwartzman nor Winn most likely do not know about China’s intentions to use them in their own interests.

Russia also listens to Trump’s iPhone calls. But, according to one of the sources of The New York Times, the Russians, unlike the Chinese, are not making serious efforts to influence Trump – most likely because of the obvious sympathy with which the US President treats Russian leader Vladimir Putin

In the administration of the President of the United States and the American special services can not force Trump to abandon calls on the iPhone and only hope that during conversations he does not discuss secret information. They are reassured by the fact that even before joining the White House, Trump developed “paranoia” about surveillance, as well as the fact that he rarely delves into the details of the intelligence provided to him and is not very well aware of the specifics of military and reconnaissance operations. .

Trump has a total of three iPhones. Two of them are considered official: one is for Twitter and other applications, the second for calls. The functionality of these phones was limited by the National Security Agency; for example, you cannot send messages and connect to the mobile Internet from them. In addition, Trump has also a personal iPhone with the usual set of functions. The US president insisted on the possibility of using it, because in it, unlike the official iPhones, you can store a list of contacts. The New York Times does not write which of Trump’s phones is being tapped by Russia and China; probably, it is a personal iphone.

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