Shooting in a hospital in Chicago, three people were killed. Criminal is dead

Shooting in a hospital in Chicago, three people were killed. Criminal is dead

An armed criminal killed three people in a hospital in Chicago. As a result of the shooting that took place on November 19, a policeman, a doctor and a pharmacist assistant died, according to CNN. The attacker is also dead, he was found in the hospital building with a gunshot wound to the head. It is not yet known whether he was killed by the police or shot himself.

One of the victims was in a relationship with the attacker. The offender was a former woman’s fiancé, notes Reuters. Between them there was a quarrel in the parking lot near the hospital after a man demanded to return the wedding ring to him, one of the witnesses said. A woman’s acquaintance tried to intervene, but ran away when the attacker lifted his shirt and showed the gun. The offender shot the woman, and when she fell, she shot her in the chest three times, according to the Associated Press and AFP. According to the Chicago Tribune, the deceased was named Tamara O’Neill, she was 38 years old. Then the offender opened fire on the policemen who arrived on the scene before they managed to get out of the car.

In the hospital, there was a shootout between the police and the criminal. In the building, the attacker shot at an employee of the hospital, which was leaving the elevator. The Chicago Tribune reports that it is 25-year-old Dinah Less. She was not connected with the attacker, the police said. The offender also shot 28-year-old officer Samuel Jimenez, who worked in the police force since February 2017. Hospital pharmacy worker Jennifer Eldridge said that when she heard the first three or four shots, she barricaded the door. After that, according to her, the shooting started right outside the door. She heard six or seven shots. The woman claims that the attacker burst at her door. After 15 minutes, she left the shelter, accompanied by a police officer.

From 50 to 100 people were evacuated from the hospital, eyewitnesses say. Some hospital staff and patients left the building with their hands up. According to witnesses to the incident, bedridden patients were carried out of the hospital on a stretcher. There were about 200 patients in the hospital, but only those who were in the emergency department were evacuated from the building.

The motives for mass shooting are unknown. The police have not yet disclosed the name of the attacker. According to unconfirmed information, he is about 30 years old. The Chicago police believe that the suspect “just shot.” The head of the city police department, Eddie Johnson, said he did not know “how much damage he was ready to inflict.” An eyewitness said that the offender shot at random.

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